Hello all. 

I’m not dead. I just don’t post often and when I do, it’s because my photos from Instagram are being automatically published onto this page. 

Hopefully everyone is well and blessed. 

I’ll try my best to check in more often here. 

See you all around! :D

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Hello beautiful lady!First of all let me say that you have fantastic hair, whatever your opinion about it is :) So my question is: I have noticed that in pretty much all the photos you wear a cross that lies on your chest very close to where your heart is. Let me clarify that I think this is very nice of you, to be so committed to our Lord. So I am just wondering what the history behind that necklace is - when did you start wearing it, do you wear it day and night, any special meaning etc. bye:)

Hello and thank you. 

I believe I answered this question. But to add on, I never take it off. Meaning I sleep/shower with my cross. 

I love you and your blog. Congrats on your marriage I know I'm late. You inspire me I am also filipina and black and i relate to you so much. Especially with your weight struggle I'm so proud of you:) I am actually gonna try to do a photo challenge thanks to you. Please keep it up.

Thank you very much. I’m not married yet, but I’m very much committed to the special man that’s in my life. 

Hey beautiful lady! Just one quick question. Can you tell us about your cross, like, is it important for you to wear the cross close to your heart? Do you ever take it off? Any special meaning for you? have a great day :)

The story behind my cross.

I’ve been wearing it since 2005. I grew up in the church, but became a born again Christian October 2000 or 2001. I was baptized around 2004 or 2005. I don’t like pushing my beliefs onto others, but I try my best to live the life that God wanted me to. Overall, I’m a happy person and want to share my happiness with others. I know some may find it annoying, but it’s better to be good to others, rather than being upset all the time.

I hardly ever take my cross off, unless the doctor requests me to do so. 

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